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A KitchenAid Cooktop comes in one of three different types Gas, Electric and Induction.  All three are the highest quality with the proven history of advanced technology behind them. Designed to be not only efficient but stylish these cooktops can fill any need a modern kitchen might have.

Gas powered Cooktop:
There are sixteen different models of gas cooktops to choose from ranging from commercial style to gas on glass style.  The commercial cooktop style have the most powerful and versatile burners among the leading brands.

With  a range of 1,300 to 20,000 BTUs on each burner this is one of the most versatile gas cooktops available today. The downdraft ventilation system in some of the Architect series gas cooktops make these models perfect for island cooktops as the exhaust fan is directly on the surface of the cooktop and will draw smoke and steam down and away from the cooking area.

The gas on glass versions allow easy cleanup of the glass surface below the removable cooking grates.

Electric powered Cooktop:
There are nine electric models to choose from ranging from two to five cooking elements. Several models of this cooktop also have the downdraft exhaust system allowing them to be placed in island cook spaces.  Yet still have an exhaust without the need for an over head vent.

The glass surface allows for easy clean up and gives a smooth sleek surface when not in use. Some models have a touch sensor control system which means there is no need for knobs protruding from the surface to get in the way of cleaning. The traditional black ceramic glass surface is stylish and functional lending a smooth clean surface.

Induction powered Cooktop:
There are three different models of this cooktop from which to choose. These are available in two colors black or stainless steel borders.

These cooktops are powered by electrical induction using electromagnetic energy to heat the cookware directly without losing any heat energy. The precise control available with this type of cooktop can bring water to a boil much faster. They also adjust heat from hi to low much faster than any other type cooktop.

This style cooktop is one of the most technologically advanced cooking systems available today. The ability to have precise control and not waste any heat energy allows this system to go from cold to hot and back to cold much quicker. With less danger than standard methods of heating used on gas or other electric stoves.

These three types of KitchenAid Cooktops are some of the most advanced cooktops on the market today. Designed to be efficient and durable with the well respected name of KitchenAid behind them. They will perform at the highest level and last through years of use. You know you can depend on these products to be of the best quality available today.