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KitchenAid Grinder attachments give versatility to the stand mixer allowing it to be more than just one single kitchen appliance. The stand mixer is an extremely versatile product with many attachments that allow it to fill many roles in both a home or commercial kitchen. There are a number of different grinding attachments available which allow grinding and juicing of many different food types.

One grinder attachment is the Grain Mill attachment. This accessory will allow you to grind grain into home made flour. You have the ability to choose the  consistency from cracked to extra fine.

Add extra taste and additional texture to your baked goods with this attachment. With the ability to grind low moisture content and low oil content grains this attachment will grind most grains quickly and easily allowing you much more variety in your cooking options.

Clean up of this all metal attachment is made even easier with the included cleaning brush.

Another  attachment is the fresh fruit and vegetable grinder and strainer. This optional attachment allows you to grind not only fruits and vegetables but cooked and fresh meats as well.

Whether you need to puree your vegetables and fruits or want to make your own hamburger this grinder will handle almost any soft substance you might need to grind.

You can not only grind fruits and vegetables but also strain them for a smooth consistency each and every time.

Another attachment is the general grinder attachment for your stand mixer. With the ability to grind not only meats and cheeses but also vegetables, bread and fruit as well.

This general purpose grinder is able to quickly and easily grind almost anything you need ground in your kitchen.  With the ability to switch between coarse and fine grinding plates you have many options when it comes to general grinding.

This attachment comes with a wrench to easily change grinding plates and a plastic stomper for added safety as you use the grinder keeping your hands and fingers a safe distance from the grinding wheels.

Another Attachment for the KitchenAid Food Grinder is the sausage stuffer attachment. This attachment allows you to easily create your own home made sausages. With this optional attachment you can create your own personal blend of spices and meats and easily stuff them into sausage skins. With two sizes a 3/8ths  for smaller links and a 5/8ths for larger sausages you can make almost any sausage you might want. Simply attaching this to the food grinder will convert the standard food grinder into a functional sausage maker.

The food tray attachment  provides a convenient work surface for your food grinder and makes it much easier to work with a larger amount of food in the grinder.

Specially designed for use with the food grinder, pasta maker, sausage stuffer and the fruit and vegetable strainer attachments this tray will make the job of grinding anything just that much easier.

The Food Grinder attachments are many tools designed to work together to allow you a greater flexibility in food preparation. They are easy to use and clean up afterwards. They help transform your stand mixer into a multi purpose kitchen tool that you will use more often than you expected..