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Artisan Stand Mixer k45ss stand mixer Ultra Power Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

The stand mixer is the most popular small appliance produced by Kitchenaid. With its readily recognizable design almost everyone has at least seen one and can probably pick one out buy simply seeing a picture.

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We will be looking at some of the models produced for home use today although there are some professional models as well. For the average user one of the many home models will perform any mixing job you might need without the higher price associated with the pro series mixers.

Artisan Series

The Artisan series is one of the most popular stand mixers for home use mainly due to its reputation for durability and the many choices in color that allow you to buy a mixer that will match your kitchens decor.

The KSM150 line is the base model number for the Artisan series. Although the model numbers begin with KSM 150 there are usually a few letters or numbers following that base number. The last few digits of the model after the KSM 150 usually designate a color code and as there are many possible colors to choose from we will deal with the base model as the functions do not change based on the color.

The Artisan series specifications are:

1. a ten speed 325 watt electric motor
2. a five quart stainless steel mixing bowl
3. a tilt able head for easy access
4. a pouring shield and chute constructed of two pieces
5. base measurements of 14 X 8 2/3 by 14 inches

This mixer usually comes standard with three mixing attachments:

1. a flat beater
2. a dough hook
3. a wire whip/wisk

The Artisan series has the ability to use all the standard mixing attachments for Kitchenaid stand mixers as well as the power take off to use the specialty attachments that allow a stand mixer to perform many other kitchen tasks such as grinding, shredding, slicing and pasta making.

Classic Series:

there are two models in the Kitchenaid Classic series The Classic K45SS and the Classic Plus. Both of these are very similar to each other and the Artisan series. The main difference between the Classic series and the Artisan series is color options, capacity and motor size.

Both the Classic and the Classic plus are available in only Kitchenaid's classic white color and can bring a very "retro" look to your kitchen if that is what you like. Both the Classic and Classic plus also differ from the Artisan in capacity as they have a 4 1/2 quart mixing bowl rather then the 5 quart of the Artisan.

The final difference between the Classic, Classic plus and the Artisan is motor size this is also where the Classic and the Classic Plus differ as well. The Classic model has a 250 watt motor and the Classic Plus model has a 275 watt motor. Aside from these few differences the Classic series performs much the same as the Artisan series.

Ultra Power:

To be honest I am not completely sure why Kitchenaid brought out this particular model as it is almost identical the Classic line except in two rather minor areas. one is the color this model is available only in red and this model has a 300 watt electric motor which is a little more powerful than the Classic series and a little less powerful than the Artisan series.

This series has only the one model which is a 4 1/2 quart capacity mixer and other than the previously mentioned differences has the same capabilities as both the Classic and the Artisan series mixers. This series generally does fall between the Artisan and Classic series in pricing so if you need more power than the Classic series provides and do not want to spend as much as an Artisan series costs and are willing to have a mixer that only has Red as a color option this will fill that particular niche very well.

Whichever model Mixer you choose you can be certain they are all constructed with the well known durability of a Kitchenaid product. Stand mixers bring an added flexibility to any mixing job you may need to perform as well as the ability to replace many different small kitchen appliance by simply purchasing the correct attachment.

Get one today and see why almost every owner is extremely satisfied with their decision to purchase a Kitchenaid Mixer.

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